HomeBodies: Get Personal Training in NYC

HomeBodies provides personal training services for clients living in NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester & Greenwich CT. Based on your current fitness levels, we create a customized training program for you.

Reasons to Choose HomeBodies NYC Personal Trainers
  • Don't know where to start?

If you're not into exercising, you might not know where to start from. This is when HomeBodies NYC Personal Trainers can help you. They will set realistic goals based on the amount of time you can dedicate to exercise. Accordingly they will design a short or long term personal training program to accomplish the set goals.

  • Need more Accountability?

Our personal trainers at HomeBodies know how to motivate others. They can get you moving even on the days you're feeling low. A regular appointment makes you accountable to your personal training program.

  • Wish you could workout on your own?

The NYC Personal Trainers at HomeBodies will develop a fitness program that you can do on your own. Before setting you free, they also ensure that you are doing it correctly.

  • Do you have an old injury or other health issues?

We will teach you how to exercise around your old injuries & provide a safe exercise program for you.

We also provide rehabilitation personal training in NYC for people who have met with an accident or broken a bone or have otherwise been injured. Contact us to learn more about our personal training services.After an initial assessment, we provide a personalized program based on your goals. Call HomeBodies @ (212) 586-7160.

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300W 55th St #3l

NYC, NY, ManhattanPersonalTrainers@gmail.com

Tel: 212-586-7160

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